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Features & benefits of Grant Management software

Managing grants is an afterthought in most nonprofit accounting software systems. We engineered our product natively, from the ground up, to allow you to manage, track, process and report on grants, we do not repurpose other modules to imitate the grant system. The grant management software allows you to easily complete the daily and monthly tasks, such as ensuring proper data entry, manage budgets with overspending protection, track expenses, perform the draw down process and maintain proper reporting requirements. Grant money is a gift, not a burden.

In the world of nonprofits, managing grants efficiently is not just a necessity—it's an art. Challenges often arise from using generic accounting software that treats grant management as a mere afterthought.

Enter NonProfit+, a specialized grant management software crafted from the ground up to address the unique needs and intricacies of grant management for nonprofit organizations.

Dive deeper to discover how our platform revolutionizes how grants are tracked, processed, reported, and celebrated. Because with the right tools, grant money can truly be the gift it's meant to be, free of undue burdens and complications.

The Need for Specialized Grant Management Software

In today's ever-evolving nonprofit landscape, grants play a pivotal role in fueling the missions of countless organizations. They provide the much-needed financial lifeline that enables these entities to drive change, make a difference, and sustain their operations.

However, as essential as grants are, managing them effectively can often be a complex process laden with unique challenges.

Common Challenges Faced By Nonprofits in Managing Grants

Most generic accounting software solutions, while proficient in handling regular accounting tasks, fall short when it comes to the intricate dynamics of grant management.

These systems often overlook the critical aspects such as:

  • Customizable Reporting: Generic systems tend to offer a one-size-fits-all approach, making it cumbersome to generate precise and compliant reports.
  • Grant Lifecycle Management: A standard accounting software may not provide the tools to monitor and manage each state of the grant cycle seamlessly.
  • Budget Tracking and Allocation: Generic systems often lack the depth needed to provide granular insights into each grant’s finances.

The Solution: Specialized Grant Management Software

To truly harness the potential of grants and ensure compliance, transparency, and efficiency, nonprofits need a tool designed specifically for this purpose. A specialized grant management software understands the unique needs of the sector.

While generic accounting solutions seem sufficient on the surface, the nuances and intricacies of grant management require a specialized approach.

By investing in dedicated grant management software, nonprofits can ensure they're not just managing their grants but optimizing them, leading to better outcomes, improved compliance, and a strong foundation for their missions.

Unique Features of NonProfit+ Grant Management Software

While many nonprofit accounting software systems treat grant management as a mere accessory, NonProfit+ recognizes its central importance.

Our software is crafted from the ground up, ensuring that you don't just manage grants but excel in every aspect of their lifecycle. We've steered clear of repurposing generic modules and have instead focused on a specialized system tailored for precise grant management.

The result? A seamless all-in-one system that makes every step of the grant management process simple and efficient. Our software allows you to efficiently complete daily, weekly, and monthly tasks so you can focus on the mission that's central to you.

Below are some unique features of NonProfit+ grant management software.

  • Complete Grant Cycle Management: Seamlessly oversee every phase, from Pre-Award initiation to the final Expiration, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
  • Unified Data Management: Centralize and capture all pertinent grant details, from files and notes to tasks and communications, so every piece of information is within reach.
  • Tailored Configurations: Customize settings and configure indirects specific to the grantor’s requirements, ensuring you always meet the requirements of your grants.
  • Efficient Automated Drawdown Process: Streamline tasks with our automated drawdown process, covering reimbursements, restricted revenue release, and revenue recognition.
  • Transparent Grant Operations: Gain clear insights into drawdown details, enhancing transparency and trust for grantors.
  • Insightful Reporting: Benefit from comprehensive, user-friendly reports that not only inform but also allow you to delve deeper, with the ability to drill down to the source document whenever necessary.

Grants should empower your mission, not complicate it. With NonProfit+, you can ensure that each grant remains the gift it's intended to be, free from operational challenges.

Benefits of Choosing NonProfit+ for Grant Management

For Nonprofits everywhere, managing grants is a complicated and timely process. Not only do you have to secure funding, but you also account for a multitude of different grants which may have different indirects and requirements.

By offering an all-encompassing system for grant oversight, real-time customizable dashboards, and a multi-faceted Grant Summary Screen, we ensure that nonprofits manage their grants and excel in optimizing their operations and financial insights.

Drillable Grant Dashboards

Experience the clarity of our real-time dashboards, visually representing your grant data. Tailor each dashboard to individual user preferences, ensuring maximum utility.

Notice any discrepancies? Dive deeper with just a double-click. Moreover, our intuitive dashboard widgets are fully compatible with our integrated mobile app, ensuring you stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Grant Summary Screen

Discover the versatility of our Grant Summary Screen, a testament to our in-depth inquiry capabilities. Navigate through a plethora of grant data categorizations, from accounts and sub-accounts to vendors and employees.

Every hyperlinked amount is backed by detailed support, allowing you to access underlying documents with just a click. This feature ensures a holistic overview of all your grant-related financial commitments, enabling a clear insight into both recorded expenses and anticipated expenditures.

Better Manage Your Grants

Harness the power of a unified system to manage your grants comprehensively. With NonProfit+, effortlessly organize files, notes, budgets, accounts, personnel, activities, and more, all under one system.

Safeguard your vital funding sources proactively, recognizing that your organization's success hinges on efficient grant management.

Grant Management Software Designed for Nonprofits

For non-profits everywhere, grants are more than just a source of funding. Grants weave the intricate tapestry of mission, vision, and action, allowing your business to change the world and make it a better place.

However, non-profits are often limited by their grant management software, getting mired in technical details rather than focusing on their unique mission.

At NonProfit+, our mission is to ensure you get the most out of your grants with our comprehensive grant management software. By seamlessly merging functionality with intuition, we cater to every unique challenge and opportunity during the grant process.

Don’t let your grants be a mere financial transaction. Transform them into strategic assets and free yourself to engage in your company’s vision. Choose NonProfit+ today and redefine excellence in grant management for your non-profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions about our grant management software.

How Does NonProfit+ Differ From Other Grant-Management Software?

NonProfit+ is crafted from the ground up with a focus on the nuances of grant management. Unlike many other systems that repurpose generic financial modules, NonProfit+ offers a specialized system tailored for precise grant management needs.

How Can NonProfit+ Ensure Compliance and Transparency?

At any time, organizations have clear insight into details that determine how they draw funds for the grant’s purpose. These details include how much they’ve requested over time, what the drawn requests are for, and remaining funds to be drawn.

This level of detail and transparency offers greater trust for grantors, as they can be confident that their funds are being managed appropriately.

Is There a Learning Curve With this System?

While any new software has a learning phase, NonProfit+’s system is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The intuitive design ensures that users can easily adapt and start optimizing their grant management processes quickly.

How Will NonProfit+ Support the Vision and Mission of my NonProfit?

A significant limiting factor in utilizing grants is managing and keeping track of details. Our system automates these timely processes, allowing you to devote your organization to what it does best.

Grants are pivotal in realizing a nonprofit’s mission. NonProfit+ ensures that grants are not just seen as financial transactions but as strategic assets.

Is There an App for NonProfit+

Yes, we offer a fully integrated mobile app, ensuring that users stay connected and can manage their grants anytime, anywhere. The mobile app is included with the system.

How Can I Get Started?

Choose NonProfit+ today and embark on a journey of redefining excellence in grant management. Get a quote!

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About NonProfit+

The go-to solution for non profits

NonProfit+™ is business management software engineered with nonprofits in mind. Delivered on the powerful Acumatica platform, NonProfit+ brings a new level of functionality that empowers organizations to efficiently manage their finances.

Accounting System Integrators (ASI) is the parent company of NonProfit+, and has been integrating and developing software solutions for over 24 years.

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